Terracotta Tile / Mexican Pavers

Terracotta is an Italian word that means “baked earth”. The term is also used to refer to items made out of this material and to its natural, brownish orange color, which varies considerably. Unlike Saltillo Tile, Tecate Tile and Lincoln Pavers, Terracotta Tile are fired in a kiln. The typical firing temperature is around 1000°C. This produces a much harder and therefore more durable tile. The iron content gives the fired body a yellow, orange, red, “terracotta”, pink, grey or brown color. Fired Terracotta Tile is not watertight and is still very porous. It is necessary to protect Terracotta Tiles from being stained by properly sealing and maintaining them. The specialists at California Tile Sealers have the expertise to clean, strip, restore, and refinish your Terracotta Tile and Mexican Paver floors, at the same time making them easier to maintain. We can return your floors to its original elegance and beauty!