Lincoln Pavers / Mexican Pavers

Another member of the Mexican Paver family is the Lincoln Paver. Just like the Saltillo Tile, Terracotta Tile, and the Tecate Tile, Lincoln Pavers are handmade in Mexico by using natural clay from the area. Like the Tecate Tile, they are more durable than the Saltillo Tile which makes them a better choice outdoors. The main difference here is the coloration. While the color is more consistent like the Tecate Tile, the Lincoln Pavers lean more towards a brownish orange. You can often see what appears to be gold flecks in the surface of these tiles as well. Like all Mexican Paver tiles, Lincoln Pavers need to properly sealed and maintained for both appearance and longevity. The specialists at California Tile Sealers have the expertise to clean, strip, restore, and refinish your Lincoln Paver and Mexican Paver tile floors, at the same time making them easier to maintain. We can return your floors to its original elegance and beauty!