Tecate Tile / Mexican Pavers

There are many different types of Mexican Pavers. Tecate Tiles, Lincoln Pavers, Terracotta Tiles and Saltillo Tiles to name a few. All of these Mexican Paver tiles are made in small towns south of the border from the deposits of natural clay that dominate the countryside there. Tecate Tiles are typically more consistent in color, leaning more towards a reddish orange as compared to Saltillo Tile. The surface of Tecate Tiles is a bit rougher in texture vs: Saltillo Tiles. Although Tecate Tile are more durable than Saltillo Tile, and are a better choice for exterior installations, Tecate Tiles still need to be properly sealed and maintained for both appearance and longevity. The specialists at California Tile Sealers have the expertise to clean, strip, restore, and refinish your Tecate Tile and Mexican Paver floors at the same time making them easier to maintain. We can return your floors to its original elegance and beauty!